Tips for Browsing

Whether you need the best blog, a new recipe, have online homework, or just need to spend sometime surfing the web, I have a few tips for making your experience on the internet more enjoyable!

That might sound strange, to make the internet experience a more enjoyable one, but its possible!! You can start by choosing a browser that works the best for you. I personally like google chrome; however others prefer firefox, some people even prefer safari for some reason. Whatever it is, do your research and pick a browser that is compatible with what you need the internet for the most.

Next, bookmark the sites you use the most so you can get to them easily without the hassle. I’ve needed to get to an assignment quickly for school a few times, and its a lot easier when I can click on it right there. 

Save passwords to sites you use often, but never on sites where people could possibly get your banking information. This is never the best idea and keeping your information as safe as possible is a good idea.

If you enjoy reading the news have your home page open as your favorite news outlet. Its a great way to stay up to date without having to research the recent news for that week.

Make sure to stay aware of possible spam or pages that could open a virus on your computer. This can cause serious damage to your computer and someone could get your information. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is!. 

The internet can be such a blessing. Most of us don’t know how we survived before it, so making it work for you can make it even better. Don’t be afraid to look at your preferences and play around with them. Google chrome and other browsers have lots of settings to help you with all your internet needs!