The Fax of the Matter

Fax technology has never been reliable.  I don’t know why.  Machine problems, landline problems, I don’t care.  I just want all of my documents to get where they’re supposed to go.

Several years ago, I worked in the mortgage business.  We were a brokerage and we dealt with different companies.  They all needed the loan documents faxed to them.  In a mortgage, there’s a lot of paperwork.  Now, I’m big into follow-up and I would always call the company to make sure they got the docs.  Never and I mean never would they have all of them.  Best case, they would receive about half.  Fax technology had been with us for about thirty years and the best it could do was deliver a facsimile of about half of what I had sent.

Then I came across a website that would fax my documents over the internet.  Not a slow, easy-to-overwhelm phone line.  You just scan your docs, save them to a file and attach them to an email.  If you didn’t mind an ad for a cover sheet, they’d fax up to five documents for free.  If you need more than that, there’s a fee, but it’s worth it.

In the mortgage business, speed is essential.  Clients always ask the same question: “How long will the process take?”  If another company promises the whole thing quicker, you’ve lost them.  Also, while you’re feeding a fax machine…again, you could be scaring-up another client.

Maybe you’re not a mortgage broker.  Maybe you need to send a fax from your home office.  Do you really want a fax machine sitting on your desk?  How much money are you willing to pay for an unreliable technology?  How much time do you have to send it again?

This is just one way to make the internet work for you.