Real jobs online

The internet has permanently cemented itself as an everyday aspect of our lives. We use it to find the best places to eat, the best services like, and even to make money. Now, there are a lot of ways to make side money using the internet, but, it’s also possible to use the internet to get a full-time job as well.

Let’s say you don’t have access to a car, or maybe you’re injured or have a disability and it can be hard for you to travel to work. Then working from home is an attractive option. However, you don’t want contract work or other inconsistent jobs, you want to clock in and out for your shifts and even get a schedule. Well the internet has jobs available for you! There are numerous companies that hire remote customer service representatives. The jobs require that you have a computer (or laptop), regular internet connection, and a phone line.

Some other requirements might include a screen of a certain size or minimum internet speed. U-haul is one of those companies. They actually have several positions, one of which is their Customer Service Agent. This is a customer service positions that handles calls from customers and assists them with their rental experience. You will handle customers’ needs and coordinate with them to solve their problems. The pay is 10 dollars per hour plus bonuses, and includes scheduled hours.

Another one of their positions is their Storage Sales Representative. This position has a lower base salary, 8.25 per hour, but gives you the ability to earn commission through your sales of the company’s storage facilities. U-haul isn’t the online company hiring for steady remote employees. Convergys is currently hiring for remote call center positions in over 10 states. If you enjoy talking on the phone and helping others than these types of positions are great places for you to look for your new job. These are real jobs too, with 401k’s and other benefits.  The internet makes these jobs possible. It becomes affordable for companies to allow workers to work from home, using their own resources, instead of providing the office space and paying for all of the expenses to keep that office running. So take advantage of your home internet connection and apply to these jobs today!


James White