New Ways to Make Money

Looking to make some extra cash? A great way to do so is to use the internet. The best part, it’s easy and everyone can do it.

If you are familiar with the internet most likely you can type as well. Well with the internet you can actually get paid just to type! There are multiple transcription services online, the two biggest are Rev and TranscribeMe. With these websites you can sign up to become a contracted transcriptionist. Now, although transcription work is listening to audio and then typing it out, this is a skill that requires some honing. Transcription work becomes easier with practice, but it is easy to get started. Plus, you get to work from where you want and when you want, setting your own schedule and working at your own pace. Transcription work pays about 25 dollars per audio hour, but often more. So the better and quicker you get at transcribing audio, the higher your rate of pay. Some of these services require entrance exams, but the more rigorous the exams usually come with higher rates of pay.


Transcription work may not be for everyone, and if that’s the case don’t worry, there are more services you can try. Two other money making services with easy tasks are Swagbucks and Amazon’s Mturk. Swagbucks pays you in gift cards of your choosing, like to Amazon, Walmart, and Paypal. The best part of Swagbucks is the tasks! For some, all you have to do is provide your opinion, and everyone can provide their opinion! Tasks include taking surveys and watching videos.

Now the downside is that it doesn’t pay terribly well, the average is about 25 cents per 3 minutes, equaling 5 dollars per hour, but there other perks. For one, most tasks only take 3 minutes or so to complete, so it’s a great way to make money in short amounts of spare time. Filling up your time between errands, other jobs, or whenever you find yourself with time to kill makes the service worth it. There is even an app so you can do it at your convenience with your smartphone.

There are also point rewards programs and other ways to maximize the points you earn, so research to find the best way for you. Similar to Swagbucks is Amazon’s Mturk. Mturk (Mechanical Turk) is a marketplace where you can complete small tasks. Tasks include verifying the words from photos, choosing categories for photos, and other simple tasks that require a human touch. Efficient Mturkers can expect to make a little more than Swagbucks, averages are reported to be around 8 dollars per hour.

If you are interested in using the internet to make money, but don’t know where to begin, Amazon’s Mturking, Swagbucks, and transcription services are a great place to start!

James White