Blogs and Vlogs

Blogs are a new and different type of literature. They are often informal and differ in how they are used. Some are of a personal nature while others represent for certain organizations or groups. They can be kept as a hobby, to convey information, or even to make money. Many modern bloggers have actually found themselves posting not just for pleasure, but for cash if their blog becomes popular enough. In fact the I know of the best Air Conditioning and Heating Repair Contractor in Birmingham Alabama – Their blogging is consistent, informative and also linked to all their other social media platforms.  This is how it is supposed to be done.  Don’t just do your blogging just when you feel like it, make it your daily routine. Often it works out that the blog will become sponsored or uses advertisements to generate income.

Many wonder what the key to having a good blog is. To start off with, choosing a simple and clean theme is the best choice. Have an appealing design. The most important thing is really identifying your audience and then producing meaningful content that people will enjoy. Tumblr, wordpress, and livejournal are some of the more popular sites to blog at.

The collection and community of blogs and bloggers is known as the blogosphere. News sources and marketers tend to keep an eye on the blogosphere in order to keep track of different trends.

Alternatively, you could also be a vlogger. Vlogs differ from blogs as they are in video form rather than word. Vloggers have become popular from the rise of youtube. Vlogs are very much like blogs. Some do it professionally while others do it for fun. Youtube vloggers make money through sponsorships and ads before their videos.  Every year there is actually a convention for vloggers called VidCon. It is becoming more and more widespread with even whole families vlogging together.

Blogs and Vlogs can both offer an intimate look into the life of others. They are immensely popular in this age where we have shared more about ourselves publicly than ever before. For many they are a way of life. A livelihood for others. From what it looks likes, both mediums are here to stay.