Tips for Browsing

Whether you need the best blog, a new recipe, have online homework, or just need to spend sometime surfing the web, I have a few tips for making your experience on the internet more enjoyable!

That might sound strange, to make the internet experience a more enjoyable one, but its possible!! You can start by choosing a browser that works the best for you. I personally like google chrome; however others prefer firefox, some people even prefer safari for some reason. Whatever it is, do your research and pick a browser that is compatible with what you need the internet for the most.

Next, bookmark the sites you use the most so you can get to them easily without the hassle. I’ve needed to get to an assignment quickly for school a few times, and its a lot easier when I can click on it right there. 

Save passwords to sites you use often, but never on sites where people could possibly get your banking information. This is never the best idea and keeping your information as safe as possible is a good idea.

If you enjoy reading the news have your home page open as your favorite news outlet. Its a great way to stay up to date without having to research the recent news for that week.

Make sure to stay aware of possible spam or pages that could open a virus on your computer. This can cause serious damage to your computer and someone could get your information. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is!. 

The internet can be such a blessing. Most of us don’t know how we survived before it, so making it work for you can make it even better. Don’t be afraid to look at your preferences and play around with them. Google chrome and other browsers have lots of settings to help you with all your internet needs!

Untraditional Jobs on the Web

The internet has allowed for countless new opportunities. People can make money in new and creative ways. There are tons of services out there to make money, and companies that will hire you to work remotely, using the internet. But there are also ways to use the internet to make money by working for yourself. Much like television, radio, and print, the internet is a media form with its own artists and content creators, and even its stars.

Youtube is not just a place to watch cat videos and listen to music; there are tons of channels with all sorts of people posting all sorts of videos. There are instructional videos of all sorts, educating others on how to do pretty much anything, from fixing your car to learning a new language. Vloggers (video bloggers) also post videos of interesting parts of their daily lives, or use their Youtube channel to post their opinion about a specific topic like music or politics.

People also make funny original videos, from live action film-making to animated shorts. Make a video interesting enough and you can amass hundreds of thousands or even millions of views, and Youtube will pay you for those views. It gets complicated, because Youtube will pay you more if people click on the ads that play before your video and for your subscribers, but it averages to about 2 to 5 dollars per 1000 views, but people can make as much as a dollar per 25 views.

The trick is to have an original and engaging video! Get lucky filming your pet doing something hilariously adorable and you may have a money making clip on your hands. You can also work hard developing and polishing your content to foster a loyal audience. People also make money by merchandising the image/brand they create in their videos, the possibilities are endless.


If video isn’t your thing, you can also make money by creating podcasts. Podcast topics are just as diverse, including thoughtful and educated discussions, or silly and fun interviews and stream of conscious style ramblings. Once you have a popular podcast with enough subscribers, you can then make money by reading ads in your podcast. There are companies who regularly advertise on podcasts and are looking for new content creators to promote their products. These are usually internet companies themselves who target people who use the internet, and podcasts make for a logical and effective target audience.

Now these ideas may not be for everyone, but if you are a creative person with something to say, start saying it! You will get better with practice and with enough time, who knows, you could be the next famous internet sensation, making money off of your fame!

James White

Old ways – Updated

Online gaming, shopping, chatting with friends, the internet is great for a lot of things, but my newest internet hobby has been using it to make money. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel here either; you can do a lot of the same things your parents did to make some extra income, just with a modern update.

Garage Sales – the internet way

Ah the classic garage sale, post a sign in your neighborhood and make money from the things you no longer use. However, this is not the best way to get the most money out of your unwanted possessions and therefore the most money from your time. Instead of a garage sale, try using Ebay first to post specific items to customers who will pay for it. For example, at a garage sale you may be lucky to find someone willing to pay 5 bucks for an old vinyl record. But by posting that same record to Ebay, you reach a larger audience, an audience with someone looking for just that record! And willing to pay for it. I had an old Nickelodeon alarm clock from the 90’s just taking up space in my closet, I was about to bring it to Goodwill before moving.

I did a quick search on Ebay and found people were selling it for up to 80 dollars! It’s not hard to post on Ebay either, and certainly worth what effort it does take. Ebay does not have a monopoly on the resell game either. There may be a site that specializes in what you want to sell. Site’s like Swappa focus on tablets and smart phones. The site’s reputation makes it a go to marketplace for electronic devices. So next time you upgrade your smart phone, before taking a deal from your service provider, check out Swappa to see if you can get a better offer.

Ad in the paper – updated

People used to post ads in the local paper’s classified section for their services. However, newspapers’ readership across the country has dropped considerably. And in its place are sites like Craigslist. If you have a marketable skill like a foreign language, you can charge for lessons to teach others, and reach those people by posting an ad on craigslist. You can also find odd jobs and sell your items. When selling things on craigslist, it’s best to focus on large items that would be too costly to ship. Think of Craigslist as the internet’s newspaper.

James White


Real jobs online

The internet has permanently cemented itself as an everyday aspect of our lives. We use it to find the best places to eat, the best services like, and even to make money. Now, there are a lot of ways to make side money using the internet, but, it’s also possible to use the internet to get a full-time job as well.

Let’s say you don’t have access to a car, or maybe you’re injured or have a disability and it can be hard for you to travel to work. Then working from home is an attractive option. However, you don’t want contract work or other inconsistent jobs, you want to clock in and out for your shifts and even get a schedule. Well the internet has jobs available for you! There are numerous companies that hire remote customer service representatives. The jobs require that you have a computer (or laptop), regular internet connection, and a phone line.

Some other requirements might include a screen of a certain size or minimum internet speed. U-haul is one of those companies. They actually have several positions, one of which is their Customer Service Agent. This is a customer service positions that handles calls from customers and assists them with their rental experience. You will handle customers’ needs and coordinate with them to solve their problems. The pay is 10 dollars per hour plus bonuses, and includes scheduled hours.

Another one of their positions is their Storage Sales Representative. This position has a lower base salary, 8.25 per hour, but gives you the ability to earn commission through your sales of the company’s storage facilities. U-haul isn’t the online company hiring for steady remote employees. Convergys is currently hiring for remote call center positions in over 10 states. If you enjoy talking on the phone and helping others than these types of positions are great places for you to look for your new job. These are real jobs too, with 401k’s and other benefits.  The internet makes these jobs possible. It becomes affordable for companies to allow workers to work from home, using their own resources, instead of providing the office space and paying for all of the expenses to keep that office running. So take advantage of your home internet connection and apply to these jobs today!


James White


New Ways to Make Money

Looking to make some extra cash? A great way to do so is to use the internet. The best part, it’s easy and everyone can do it.

If you are familiar with the internet most likely you can type as well. Well with the internet you can actually get paid just to type! There are multiple transcription services online, the two biggest are Rev and TranscribeMe. With these websites you can sign up to become a contracted transcriptionist. Now, although transcription work is listening to audio and then typing it out, this is a skill that requires some honing. Transcription work becomes easier with practice, but it is easy to get started. Plus, you get to work from where you want and when you want, setting your own schedule and working at your own pace. Transcription work pays about 25 dollars per audio hour, but often more. So the better and quicker you get at transcribing audio, the higher your rate of pay. Some of these services require entrance exams, but the more rigorous the exams usually come with higher rates of pay.


Transcription work may not be for everyone, and if that’s the case don’t worry, there are more services you can try. Two other money making services with easy tasks are Swagbucks and Amazon’s Mturk. Swagbucks pays you in gift cards of your choosing, like to Amazon, Walmart, and Paypal. The best part of Swagbucks is the tasks! For some, all you have to do is provide your opinion, and everyone can provide their opinion! Tasks include taking surveys and watching videos.

Now the downside is that it doesn’t pay terribly well, the average is about 25 cents per 3 minutes, equaling 5 dollars per hour, but there other perks. For one, most tasks only take 3 minutes or so to complete, so it’s a great way to make money in short amounts of spare time. Filling up your time between errands, other jobs, or whenever you find yourself with time to kill makes the service worth it. There is even an app so you can do it at your convenience with your smartphone.

There are also point rewards programs and other ways to maximize the points you earn, so research to find the best way for you. Similar to Swagbucks is Amazon’s Mturk. Mturk (Mechanical Turk) is a marketplace where you can complete small tasks. Tasks include verifying the words from photos, choosing categories for photos, and other simple tasks that require a human touch. Efficient Mturkers can expect to make a little more than Swagbucks, averages are reported to be around 8 dollars per hour.

If you are interested in using the internet to make money, but don’t know where to begin, Amazon’s Mturking, Swagbucks, and transcription services are a great place to start!

James White


Net Neutrality

You have probably heard the term “net neutrality” thrown around a lot these days. It’s a hot button issue that everyone seems to have an opinion on. But what is net neutrality? It means that you, the user, decide where you go and what you do online. Companies that provide the internet for consumers without censorship is net neutrality.

Your Passion Temperature?

So how about you have the nerve to actually give something away on the net.  Let loose the info in your mind. You don’t have to give away the store but how about you just put some of the helpful information you have in your noggin and serve it up on a silver platter.

You know the clients out there never see this.  How about you show some results in advance and let the customer feel for once they have gotten over on somebody .. for a minute at least.  They are tired of being beaten down… show them there is a better way when it comes to servicing the web presence they so desperately need.

James White

This Crazy lil’ Thing Called the Internet

The internet is one crazy place. You can search just about anything, and I bet thousands of web pages pop up. Sometimes it can be incredibly overwhelming, and other times you might enjoy looking through all those pages, but most of the time people just want to find the answer to what they are looking for and be on their way. So, how can you make the internet a more easy to use friendly tool, and what are some of the important mile stones in life where the internet can actually be useful? I mean trust me, you are not the only one that gets sick of seeing the same stupid meme over and over again.


Lets say you need to find a new job, there are multiple websites built just for finding the right place to work. It’s all about finding the right website that works for you. I recently wanted to start working some place new. I was sick of the same old schedule every day, and I needed a change, so I went online and found a great website to search for jobs. I got a hired at a new office in about three weeks. It was amazing, and I know that for many people it can take months to find a new job. Luckily, the internet made it easy for me to transition from one job to another. I think for most people the internet is a love hate relationship. On one hand it’s great to be able to search for whatever you want at the drop of a hat, but in the same sense it gets old watching people bully one another on social media behind their computer screens. The important thing is to find a balance. Don’t waste your life away on the internet but still find time to enjoy the fact that you live in the age of technology.


The Internet and Your Game Plan For Success

Making the internet work for you.  There are myriads of ways.  The world-wide web puts the wisdom and knowledge of this world at our fingertips.  Whatever we want to know, a few keystrokes will give us more answers than we asked for.

I began searching the web back in 2001, a little later than many, but I pushed back against computers because I didn’t understand them.  In the workplace, I was forced to learn computers to do my job and it was a constant source of irritation for me.  That was mostly because the programs I had to use were outdated and not user-friendly.  As companies realized that their software had to be simple to use and understand, they began to upgrade to software that people besides programmers could relate to.

When I began clicking on search engines a whole new world was opened up to me.  It first started at the public library and wasn’t long before I realized I had to have this at home!

Knowledge is power.  Americans value convenience and the freedom to learn and grow in a comfortable environment.  We would rather sit in our underwear and explore the world than really explore the world.  It’s a lot cheaper that way.  It’s also convenient to have a home office in a spare bedroom or on the dining room table.

We started adding scanners, fax machines and printers.  Then printers with built-in scanners and fax machines.  Now, the internet has the “Cloud” with the capability to connect our home and office computers.  Add our tablets and smartphones and our information goes with us everywhere.  It is truly the information age.

People are willing to pay for information.  If you’re a little tech-savvy and with a little luck, you can throw up a website and sell information on it.  Or, if your site is well done and people see its value, they may be willing to donate money to keep it up and running.  Then, there’s the wonderful world of advertising!

A really good information site will draw companies willing to advertise on it.  The premise is simple: You give the information away for free and on one side of the page your viewers will see ads relating to their interests.  They click on the ad and you get paid!  How simple is that?

You can turn your passion into profit. If you’re interested in something, you can bet there are a lot of other people interested in it too. If you are very knowledgeable on a subject, there’s probably a lot of people who are interested in it but don’t know much about it. They’ll be the fans of your website. And one way or another, with the tools available on the web, you can probably figure out somebody willing to pay you for your knowledge one way or another

So turn off the TV and get busy!  Do something profitable. Before you know it, you just might be the next great internet success.

Let’s get to writing!